The Emperor's GoldNapoleon needs the English fleet gone so that he and his army can cross the channel. With Nelson chasing across the Atlantic the Admiralty must deploy their ships to prevent a convergence of the French fleet. Whilst governments plan the spies of both sides, English reformers and Irish rebels do all they can to further their own causes.

At the start of this book we are introduced to Tom Roscarrock but who is he working for, the French, the mysterious Comptrollerate-General for Scrutiny and Survey or an Englishman gone rogue?

There are many protagonists in this novel which leads to many twists and turns in the plot as the agencies scheme on both sides of the channel. if you are looking for blazing cannon you wont find them, but if you want to know what might have been going on behind the scenes in the build up to Trafalgar then this is for you.

Not until the last pages will you find out the truth about Roscarrock so this excellent spy thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Description of: The Emperor's Gold

Author: Robert Wilton




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