The Midshipman Prince_aThis novel brings together four unique characters, among them a young Sidney Smith, who soon become firm friends. Their adventures to rescue one another from various situations are skilfully interwoven with the historic events between the 'Battle of the Capes', which directly led to the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, through to the 'Battle of the Saints' which ended a string of British defeats at the hands of the French Admiral De Grasse. The detailed descriptions of the tactics employed by the Admirals and the graphic accounts of the battles fought, which bring home the horrors of naval war in the 18th century, will delight all lovers of fiction set in the age of sail.

The first in what promises to be an excellent series about one of England's lesser known heroes Sir Sidney Smith which I thoroughly recommend.

Description of: The Midshipman Prince 

Author: Tom Grundner



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