The Threat in the BalticThe Threat in the Baltic continues the story of James Merriman's career, now in command of the frigate Lord Stevenage. A treaty between the Baltic States threatens to cut off vital supplies for the navy so  Grahame to check the defences of Copenhagen and naval preparedness in the region.

Back at the Admiralty he reports his findings and meets Admiral Horatio Nelson who asks for him to be part of the Baltic fleet. As a result he is present at the battle of Copenhagen. He is then ordered further into the Baltic to find a French ship of the line.

This book familiar mix of naval action and espionage with well rounded characters but in places the narrative continues to seem a bit sparse. Also some modern terms which do not fit the period, such as sending the crew to Action Station rather than Quarters have started to creep in. If you are enjoying the series it is worth continuing with this one.

Description of: The Threat in the Baltic

Author: Roger Burnage



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