VictoryVictory starts off with a major setback for Kydd and keeps up a fast pace throughout which makes it another page turner for Julian Stockwin.

It was never going to be easy weaving the events surrounding the well known and often used events of Trafalgar into something that was fresh and gripping but this is exactly what has been produced, so I'm not going to spoil it by giving too much away in this review. 

The personal lives of Kydd, his friend Nicholas Renzi and sister Cecilia are weaved skillfully into the events off Toulon and the fateful chase across the Atlantic when Kydd's ship joins the fleet.

For Trafalgar itself Julian's research and familiarity with the ship come through clearly as a former shipmate, in the form of Midshipman Bowden, finds himself serving aboard Victory and is therefore well placed to observe and narrate the major aspects of the battle.

The characterisations in this series have always been good but in this one they really mature and for me it is probably the best one yet.

Definitely recommended.

Description of: Victory

Author: Julian Stockwin




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