The film Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. (UK) Captain Horatio Hornblower (USA) is a 1951 British film. It is based on three C S Forester Novels ‘The Happy Return’, ‘A Ship of the Line’ and ‘Flying Colours’. The film was a Warner Bros. Pictures one and starred Gregory Peck as Hornblower and Virginia Mayo as Lady Barbara Wellesley. It was directed by Raoul Walsh with a screenplay by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts.



Gregory Peck as Capt. Horatio Hornblower, R.N, Virginia Mayo as Lady Barbara Wellesley, Robert Beatty as Lt. William Bush, Moultrie Kelsall as Lt. Crystal, Terence Morgan as 2nd Lt. Gerard, James Kenney as Midshipman Longley, James Robertson Justice as Seaman Quist, Denis O'Dea as RAdm. Sir Rodney Leighton, Richard Hearne as Polwheal, Michael Dolan as Surgeon Gundarson, Stanley Baker as Mr. Harrison, Alan Tilvern as Hernandez, Alec Mango as El Supremo, Christopher Lee as the Spanish captain and John Witty as Entenza.

Gregory Peck

HMS Lydia

Gregory Peck and Virginia Mayo

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