Battle of the Saintes

The Battle of the Saintes started on the 12th April 1782 and took place over 4 days in the West Indies between Dominica and Guadeloupe.

The Royal Navy, under the command of Sir George Rodney with 36 ships of the line defeated a French fleet of 33 ships under the command of the Comte De Grasse.


De Grasse reversed his course to protect a dismasted ship that was being chased by four British ships as he made for Guadaloupe. The change of course and a sudden shift of wind left gaps in the French line and Rodney's flagship Formidable and several other ships, including the Duke and the Bedford, broke through, raking the ships as they did so. The resultant confusion in the French line and the severe damage to several of the French ships, including De Grasse's flagship Ville de Paris, led eventually to De Grasse's surrender and the retreat of many of his ships in disorder. Four French ships were captured and one, César, blew up after she was taken.

The British lost 243 killed, including 2 capytains, and 816 wounded. The French loss in killed and wounded has never been stated, but of captains alone, six were killed.. It is estimated that the French loss may have been as much as 8,000. A total of over 5,000 French soldiers and sailors were captured.

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Plan of the Battle

Ships Present

British Fleet - Van

 Marlborough(74) Taylor Penny

 Arrogant (74) Samuel Cornish

UK Alcide (74) Charles Thompson

UK Nonsuch (74) William Truscott

UK Conqueror (74) George Balfour

UKPrincesse (70) Flag - Rear-Admiral Sir F. Samuel Drake, Cptn. - Charles Knatchbull

UK Prince George (98) James Williams

UK Torbay (74) John Gidoin

UK Anson (64) William Blair (Killed in Action)

UK Fame (74) Robert Barber

UK Russell (74) James Saumarez

British Fleet - Centre

UK America (64) Samuel Thompson

UK Hercules (74) Henry Savage

UK Prothée (64) Charles Buckner

UK Resolution (74) Lord Robert Manners

UK Agamemnon (64) Benjamin Caldwell

UK Duke (98) Alan Gardner

UK Formidable (98) Flag - Admiral Sir George Brydges Rodney, Cptn. of the Fleet - Sir Charles Douglas, Cptn. - John Symonds

UK Namur (90) Charles Inglis

UK St Albans (64) William Cornwallis

UK Canada (74) Thomas Dumaresq

UK Repulse (64) N. Charrington

UK Ajax (74) Robert Fanshawe

UK Bedford (74) Flag - Commodore Thomas Graves, Cptn. - Sir Edmund Affleck

British Fleet - Rear

UK Prince William (64) George Wilkinson

UK Magnificent (74) Robert Linzee

UK Centaur (74) John Nicholson Inglefield

UK Belliqueux (64) Alexander Sutherland

UK Warrior (74) James Wallace

UK Monarch (74) Francis Reynolds

UK Barfleur (90) Flag - Vice-Admiral Sir Samuel Hood, Cptn. - John Knight

UK Valiant (74) G. S. Goodall

UK Yarmouth (64) A. Parry

UK Montagu (74) George Bowen

UK Alfred (74) W. Bayne

UK Royal Oak (74) Thomas Burnett


French Fleet - Blue (Third) Squadron

France Hercule (74) Chadeau de la Clocheterie

France Souverain (74) de Glandevez

France Palmier (74) de Martelly-Chautard

France Northumberland (74) de Saint Cézaire (Killed in Action) 

France Neptune (74) Renaud d'Aleins

France Auguste (80) Flag - Rear-Admiral Louis-Antoine, Comte de Bougainville, Cptn - Castellan

France Arden (t64) de Gouzillon Captured

France Scipion (74) de Chavel

France Brave (74) d'Amblimont

France Citoyen (74) d'Ethy

French Fleet - White (First) Squadron

France Hector (74( de la Vicomte Captured

France César (74) de Marigny Captured & burnt

France Dauphin Royal (70) de Roquefeuil-Montperoux

France Languedoc (80) d'Arros d'Argelos

France Ville de Paris (104) Flag - Admiral François Joseph Paul, Marquis de Grasse Tilly, Comte de Grasse, Cptn. - Lavilleon de Vaugirauld Captured

France Couronne (80) Mithon de Genouilly

France Eveillé (64) le Gardeur de Tilly

France Sceptre (74) de Vaudreuil

France Glorieux (74) d'Escars Captured

French Fleet - Blue (Second) Squadron

France Diadème (74) de Monteclerc

France Destin (74) Dumaitz de Goimpy

France Magnanime (74) le Begue

France Refléchi (64) de Medine

France Conquérant (74) de la Grandiere

France Magnifique (74) Macarthy Macteigne

France Triomphant (80) Flag - Vice-Admiral Louis-Philippe Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil, Cptn. du Pavillon

France Bourgogne (74) de Charitte

France Duc de Bourgogne (80) Coriolis d'Espinouse De Champ-martin

France Marseillais (74) de Castellane Majastre

France Pluton (74) d'Albert de Rions

French Fleet - Also Present

France Richemond (frigate) Montemart 

Plan of the Battle


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