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01 May 1689 Battle of Bantry Bay. Inclonclusive engagement between an English fleet of 19 ships, under Arthur Herbert, and a French fleet of 24 ships, under François Louis de Rousselet, Marquis de Château-Renault.  
  1776 William Bligh passed as Lieutenant.  
  1795 HMS Boyne (98), bearing the flag of Vice-Admiral Peyton, Cptn. George Grey, caught fire at Spithead burned and exploded.  

HMS Pomone (38), Cptn. Robert Barrie, HMS  Unite (40), Cptn. Chamberlayne, and HMS Scout (18), Cptn. Alex. Renton Sharpe, destroyed Giraffe (26) and Nourrise (14) and an armed merchantman in the Bay of Sagone, Corsica. The two French warships blew up and their burning timbers destroyed a Martello tower and caused a shore battery to blow up.

HMS Guerriere (38), Cptn. Samuel John Pechell, stopped the brig USS Spitfire off Sandy Hook in New Jersey and impressed Maine citizen John Diggio.

  1815 HMS Penelope (36), Cdr. James Galloway, wrecked on rocks in the St. Lawrence.  
02 May 1778 King George visited Portsmouth. top
  1804 William Bligh appointed Captain of HMS Warrior (74)  
  1808 HMS Unite (40), Cptn. Patrick Campbell, captured Ronco (16) off Cape Promontoro in the Gulf of Venice.  
  1809 HMS Spartan (38), Cptn. Jahleel Brenton, and HMS Mercury (28), Cptn. Henry Duncan, cut out 12 vessels from the port of Ceseratico and blew up the castle and magazine.  
  1811 HMS Dover (38), Lt. Charles Generis (Act)., and HMS Chichester (22), Cptn. William Kirby, wrecked in Madras Roads by a hurricane which arose as they were departing for an expedition against Batavia  
  1813 Boats of HMS Repulse (74), Cptn. Richard Hussey Moubray, HMS  Volontaire (44) , Cptn. Waldegrave, and HMS Undaunted (38), Cptn. Thomas Ussher, cut out 9 vessels from the port of Morgion and destroyed some batteries in the vicinity.  
03 May 1710 HMS Suffolk captured Gaillard. top
  1810 HMS Spartan (38), Cptn. Jahleel Brenton, engaged French Ceres (42), Fame (28), and Achilles (10) and captured Sparviere (8) in Bay of Naples.  
  1812 HMS Skylark (16), James Boxer, grounded to the west of Boulogne and was burnt to avoid capture  
  1861 USS Surprise captures Confederate privateer Savannah   
04 May 1796 HMS Spencer (16), Cptn. Andrew Fitzherbert Evans, captured French gun-brig Volcan (12) top
  1805 HMS Seahorse (38), Cptn. Courtenay Boyle, and boats cut out the largest vessel and sank several more of a Spanish convoy at San Pedro.  
  1806 Boats of HMS Renommee (44), Cptn. Sir Thomas Livingstone, and HMS Nautilus (18), Edward Palmer, cut out Spanish schooner Giganta from under the protection of the guns of Torre de Vieja.  
  1809 HMS Parthian (10), Richard Harward, captured privateer Nouvelle Gironde (14), M. Lecompte  
  1811 A French brig of war (18), destroyed in the harbour of Parenzo on the coast of Istria , by HMS Belle Poule (38) Capt. James Brisbane, and HMS Alceste (38), Cptn. Murray Maxwell.  
  1812 Re-capture of Brig-sloop HMS Apelles (14) near Etaples by HMS Bermuda (10), Alexander Cunningham, HMS Rinaldo (10), Sir W. G. Parker, HMS Castilian (18), David Braimer, and HMS  Phipps (14), Thomas Wells.  
05 May 1794

HMS Orpheus (32), Cptn Henry Newcome, captured Duguay-Trouin (34) off the Isle of France

  1798 HMS Badger (4) and HMS Sandfly gunbrig repulsed 52 gun brigs at Marcon.  
  1799 HMS Fortune (10), Lt. Lewis Davies, and gunboats captured by Salamine.  
06 May 1682 HMS Gloucester (60) wrecked off Yarmouth top
  1709 HMS Portland (48) re-captured Coventry.  
  1741 Samuel Hood entered the navy as Captain’s Servant on HMS Romney (48)  

Nelson succeeds Parker as Commander-in-Chief, Baltic.

Lord Thomas Cochrane in HMS Speedy (14) captures Spanish xebec frigate El Gamo (32), Cptn. Don Francisco de Torris (Killed in Action), off the coast near Barcelona.

  1805 Boats of HMS Unicorn (32), Cptn. Lucius Hardyman, took French privateer Tape a bord (4) in the West Indies.  
  1814 British squadron under Sir James Lucas Yeo of HMS Prince Regent (56), HMS Princess Charlotte  (42) and consorts destroyed a fort and captured USS Growler (5) and other vessels at Oswego, Lake Ontario  

07 May

1694 Henry Every (also spelled Avery) leads a mutiny aboard the privateer Charles II anchored off La Coruna, Spain. top
  1709 HMS Postillion (10), wrecked near Ostend  

HMS Victory launched 

  1779 Continental Navy sloop Providence (12), Cptn. John Rathbun, captures British brig Diligent (12) off Cape Charles  

HMS Swiftsure (74), Captain Charles Boyles, captured Atalante (36), Cptn. Charles-Alexandre-Leon Durand-Linois

  1798 HMS Victorieuse (14), Cptn.Edward Stirling Dickson, captured French privateer Brutus (6), Cptn. Rousel, off Guadeloupe.  

Boats of HMS Falcon (14), Lt. John Price (act. Cdr.), captured two sail at Lundholm.

HMS Redwing (18), Thomas Ussher, destroyed seven Spanish vessels and drove some into the surf from a convoy of 12 merchantmen escorted by 7 armed vessels near Cape Trafalgar. only 3 vessels escaped.

08 May 1744 HMS Northumberland (70), Cptn. Thomas Watson (mortally wounded), captured by a French squadron of Content (62) and Mars (64).  top
  1781 HMS Mentor (16), Robert Deans, burnt to avoid capture and HMS Port Royal (18) captured by the Spaniards at Pensacola  
  1794 HMS Placienta (6) wrecked off Newfoundland  
    French Patriote (74) captures HMS Castor (32), Cptn. Thomas Troubridge, off Cape Clear  
  1804 HMS Vincejo (16), John Westly Wright, captured by French flotilla of 6 brigs and 5 luggersoff the mouth of the Morbihan  
  1807 Boats of HMS Comus (22), Cptn. Conway Shipley, cut out Spanish felucca San Pedro from under the protection of a strong fort and two batteries in the port of Gran Canaria.  
  1811 HMS Scylla (18), Arthur Atchison, boarded and carried French privateer Canonniere (10), Ensgn. Jean Joseph Benoit Schilds (Killed in Action), and 1 ship of her convoy of 5 off Roscoff.  
09 May 1784 HMS Crocodile (24) wrecked in thick fog on Prawle Point, Devon top

HMS Melampus (36), Sir Richard Strachan, HMS Diamond (38) Cptn. Sir W. Sidney Smith and another frigate left anchorage in Gourville Bay, Jersey and took convoy of 11 French merchantmen and 2  gun-vessels, Eclair and Crache-Feu.

  1812 HMS America (74), Cptn. Josias Rowley, HMS Leviathan (74) Cptn. Patrick Campbell, and HMS  Eclair (18), Cptn. John Bellamy, carried the batteries at Languelia and captured or destroyed French convoy of 18 vessels.  
  1859 HMS Heron (12), William Henry Truscott, foundered between Ascension and Sierra Leone  
  1864 The Battle of Heligoland. The Danish North Sea Squadron under Cptn. Edouard Suensson, frigates Niels Juel and Jylland, and the corvette Heimdal, defeat an Austrian squadron under Linienschiffskapitän von Tegetthoff, frigates Schwarzenberg and Radetzky, and the 3 Prussian paddle steamer gunboats Preussischer Adler, Blitz and Brasilisk.  
10 May 1800 USS Constitution (100), Cptn. Silas Talbot captured French privateer Sandwich (6) from the harbor at Port Plate, Hispaniola. top
  1808 Start of 5 day engagement between HMS Wizard (16), Abel Ferris, and Requin (16) from off Toulon to Goulette near Tunis.  
  1862 Confederates destroy Norfolk and Pensacola Navy Yards.    
11 May 1762 Cptn. John Jervis (later Eart St. Vincent) HMS Gosport (44) escorting convoy to North America repelled a French squadron, under de Ternay, which was on its way to capture Newfoundland. top
  1780 Fall of Charleston, SC; three Continental Navy frigates, Boston, Providence, and Ranger, captured and frigate Queen of France sunk to prevent capture  
  1806 Capture of Capri by English squadron under Sir Sidney Smith.  
  1808 HMS Bacchante (22), Cptn. Samuel Hood Inglefield, captured French national brig Griffon (16), Jaques Gautier, near Cape Antonio in Cuba.  
  1809 HMS Melpomene (38), Cptn. Peter Parker, destroyed a Danish man-of-war cutter at Huilbo, Jutland.  
  1862 CSS Virginia blown up by Confederates to prevent capture.   
12 May 1708 Sir John Leake's Fleet took a French frigate and convoy. top
  1781 HMS Thetis (32) wrecked off St. Lucia  
  1796 HMS Phoenix (36), Cptn. Lawrence Halstead, captured Argo (36) in the North Sea.  
  1797 The mutiny at the Nore begins  
  1799 HMS Courier cutter engaged a French privateer brig near Winterton.  

HMS Pallas (32), Cptn. Lord Cochrane, HMS Indefatigable (44), Cptn. John Tremayne Rodd, and HMS Kingfisher (18), George Francis Seymour, engaged French squadron off Isle of Aix.

Boats of HMS Juno (32), Capt. H. Richardson, and Neapolitan Minerve, Cptn. Vieugna, destroyed batteries at Gaeta.


HMS Amphion (32), Cptn. William Hoste, and boats engaged Baleine at Rosas.

HMS Tartar (32), Cptn. G. E. B. Bettesworth (Killed in Action), and boats engaged at Bergen.

  1810 HMS Tribune (36), Cptn. Reynolds, engaged Danish squadron of 4 brigs, under Cmndr Johannes Krieger, outside Mandal, Norway but was forced to withdraw.  
  1846 U.S. declares war against Mexico  
13 May 1793 HMS Iris (32), Cptn. George Lumsdaine, engaged Citoyenne Francaise (32) about 6 leagues from Gibraltar in the first action of the war with a French naval ship. top
  1796 HMS Salisbury (50) wrecked near San Domingo  
  1798 Boats of HMS Flora (36) cut out Mondavi,  
  1807 HMS Cassandra (10), Lt. George Le Blanc, lost by upsetting in a sudden squall off Bourdeaux.  
14 May 1741 HMS Wager (24), Cptn. Dandy Kidd, wrecked on the South coast of Chile top
  1747 First Battle of Cape Finisterre. 14 British ships of the line under Admiral George Anson attack a French 30-ship convoy commanded by Admiral de la Jonquière and capture 4 ships of the line, 2 frigates and 7 merchantmen, in a five-hour battle in the Bay of Biscay.  
  1757 HMS Antelope (54), Cptn. Alexander Arthur Hood, drove ashore and wrecked Aquilon (50) in Audierne Bay.  
  1781 HMS Nonsuch (64), Cptn. Sir James Wallace, engaged Actif (74).  
  1801 Tripoli declares war against the United States   
  1807 Boats of HMS Spartan (38), Cptn. Jahleel Brenton, repulsed by a polacca off Nice.  
  1812 HMS Thames (32), Cptn. Charles Napier, and HMS Pilot (18), Cptn. John Toup Nicholas took 29 vessels at Port Sapri, Calabria. Most were destroyed by a gale during the night.  
15 May 1673 British fleet under Cptn. Richard Munden re-capture the Island of St. Helena. top
  1759 John Jervis (later Earl St. Vincent) promoted Commander into HMS Scorpion (14).  
  1771 Midshipman Horatio Nelson transfers to the Triumph (74).  
  1797 Spithead Mutiny ends   
  1804 HMS Cruizer (18), John Hancock, HMS Rattler (16), Francis Mason, HMS Penelope (36), Cptn. W. R. Broughton, HMS Antelope (50), Commodore Sir Sidney Smith, and HMS Aimable (32), Cptn William Bolton, engaged Flushing flotilla of 59 vessels (2 praams, 19 schooners and 38 schuyts) off Blankenberg.  
  1806 HMS Juno (32), Capt. H. Richardson, supported a Neopolitan sortie from Gaeta.  

Boats of HMS Tartar (32), Cptn. Jos. Baker, drove ashore and captured a Danish privateer (4) near Felixberg on the coast of Courland.

HMS Mercury (28), Cptn. Henry Duncan, bombarded Rotti.

  1813 HMS Bacchante (38), Cptn. William Hoste, bombarded Karlebago and destroyed the fort and other defences.  
  1828 HMS Parthian (10), George Hotham, wrecked near Marabout Island, Egypt.  
16 May 1760 HMS Lowestoffe (28) sunk in a battle with the French in St. Lawrence. top
  1803 Britain declares war on France and Nelson appointed Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Fleet.  
  1807 HMS Dauntless (22), Christopher Strachey, surrendered to the French at Danzig after grounding.  
  1811 USS President (58), Commodore John Rodgers, engaged HMS Little Belt (20), Cptn. Arthur Bingham, off Cape Hatteras.  
  1813 Boats of HMS Berwick (74), Cptn Edward Brace, and HMS Euryalus (36), Cptn. Charles Napier, took or destroyed 20 vessels at Cavalarie Bay near Toulon.  
  1820 USS Congress becomes first U.S. warship to visit China  
17 May 1756 HMS Colchester (50), Cptn. Lucius O'Brien, and HMS Lyme (20), Capt. Edward Vernon, engaged Aquilon and Fiddle off Brittany top

HMS Thetis (38), Cptn. Hon. Alexander Cochrane, and HMS Hussar (28), Cptn. John Poer Beresford, engaged 5 French flutes Normand, Trajan, Prévoyante, Hernoux, and Raison off Cape Henry, Chesapeake Bay. Raison (18) and Prévoyante (24) were taken.

  1800 HMS Railleur (20), Cptn. J. Raynor, and HMS Lady Jane (8), William Bryer, foundered in the English Channel.  
  1809 HMS Goldfinch (10) engaged Mouche.  
  1813 Boats of HMS Apollo (38), Cptn. Bridges W. Taylor, and HMS Cerberus (32), Cptn. Thomas Garth, took a vessel near Brindisi.  
18 May 1709 HMS Falmouth (50), Cptn. Walter Ryddell, defended a convoy against 4 French vessels off Scilly top
  1759 HMS Thames (32) and HMS Venus (32) took Arethuse (36), Marquis Vandrenil, near Audierne Bay  

Benedict Arnold captures British sloop George at St. Johns, Quebec, and renames her Enterprise, first of many famous ships with that name

  1777 HMS Beaver (14), Cptn. Jones, took American privateer Oliver Cromwell (24), Cptn. Harman, off St. Lucia.  
  1803 HMS Doris (36), Cptn. R. H. Pearson, captured French lugger Affronteur (14), Lt. Marce Dutoya, off Ushant.  
  1807 HMS Cassandra (10), Lt. George Le Blanc, foundered off Bordeaux  
  1808 HMS Rapid (12) ,Lt. Henry Baugh, sunk by batteries in the River Tagus while attempting to cut out two merchantmen.  
  1809 HMS Standard (74), Cptn. Askew Hollis, and HMS Owen Glendower (36) captured the island of Anholt.  
19 May 1652

English fleer under Robert Blake fire on Maarten Tromp's Dutch fleet off Dover starting the First Anglo-Dutch War

  1692 Start of Battle of Barfleur, and destruction of ships at La Hogue. A French fleet of 44 ships of the line, under Comte Anne Hilarion de Tourville, engaged an Anglo-Dutch fleet of 82 ships of the line, under Edward Russell.  
  1745 HMS Superb (60), Commodore Warren, captured Vigilante (58) in Bight of' Louisbourg  
  1759 George Rodney promoted Rear-Admiral.  
  1780 British fleet under George Rodney engaged French fleet under Comte de Guichen in the West Indies.  
  1808 HMS Virginie (38), Cptn. Edward Brace, captured Dutch frigate Guelderland (36), Colonel de mer Pool.  
  1814 HMS Halcyon Sloop (18), John Marshall, wrecked on reef of rocks in Annatto Bay, Jamaica.  
  1835 HMS Challenger (28) wrecked on coast of Moquilla, Conception, Chile.  
20 May 1756 Battle of Minorca. French fleet under la Galissonnière defeat British fleet under John Byng top
  1797 HMS Oiseau (36), Cptn. Charles Brisbane, engaged one of two Spanish frigate off the mouth of the Rio de la Plata.  
  1800 HMS Cormorant Sloop (24), Cptn. Hon. Courtenay Boyle, wrecked on a shoal near Rosetta, coast of Egypt.  
  1801 Four US warships sent to Mediterranean to protect American commerce under Commodore Richard Dale  
  1811 HMS Astrea (36), Cptn. Charles Marsh Schomberg, HMS Phoebe (36), HMS Galatea (36), Cptn. Woodley Losack, and HMS Racehorse (18), James De Rippe, engaged 3 large French frigates, full of troops off Foul Point, Madagascar. Renommee surrendered but Clorinde and Nereide escaped.  
  1813 HMS Algerine Schooner (10), Lt. Daniel Carpenter, wrecked Galapagos Roads, West Indies.  
  1815 Commodore Stephen Decatur, USS Guerriere,  sails with 10 ships to suppress Mediterranean pirates' raids on U.S. shipping   
  1844 USS Constitution sails from New York on round the world cruise  
21 May 1762 HMS Active (28), Cptn. Herbert Sawyer, and HMS Favorite, Cptn. Pownall, took Spanish Hermione off Cape St. Vincent. top
  1800 Boats of HMS Minotaur (74), Cptn. Thomas Louis, & consorts cut out a galley La Prima, Cptn. Patrizio Galleano, from Genoa.  
  1809 HMS Black Joke lugger engaged French Corvette Mouche.  
22 May 1681 HMS Kingfisher (46) engages seven Algerine pirates. top
  1798 USS Ganges (24), Cptn Richard Dale, is the first US warship to set sail since independance   
  1801 Nelson created Viscount Nelson of the Nile and Burnham Thorpe.  
  1810 Boats of HMS Alceste (38), Cptn. Murray Maxwell, captured four feluccas, drove two on the rocks at Agaye.  
  1812 HMS Northumberland (74), Cptn. Henry Hotham,  and HMS Growler (12), Lt. Hugh Anderson, drove ashore and destroyed French frigates Arianne (44) and Andromaque (44)  and brig Mameluke (18) off Port Louis.  
23 May 1792 George Rodney died top
  1798 HMS Braak Sloop (14) foundered in Delaware Bay.  
  1799 HMS Les Deux Amis Sloop wrecked in Great Chine, Isle of Wight.  
  1809 A Danish flotilla of 20 gunboats, under Lt. Cmdr Ulrich A. Schønheyder, engaged a large British convoy in the "Storebælt" (Great Belt) escorted by 5 ships-of-the-line and 2 frigates.  

HMS Sir Francis Drake (32), Captain George Harris, captured of 14 Dutch gun-vessels off Java.

HMS Amazon (38), Cptn. Parker, captured the French privateer brig Cupidon (14)

  1850 America sends USS Advance and USS Rescue to attempt rescue of Sir John Franklin's British expedition, lost in Arctic.   
24 May 1779 Black Prince, owned by Irish and French smugglers, is commissed as an American privateer through the efforts of Benjamin Franklin. top

HMS Swan (10), Lt. Mark Robinson Lucas, destroyed Danish cutter (8) at Bornhohn.

HMS Astræa (32), Cptn. Edmund Heywood, wrecked on a reef off Anegada in the Virgin Islands.


HMS Fleche Sloop (16), George Hewson, wrecked on the Shaarhorn Sand, off Newark, Elbe.

HMS Racer (12), Lt. Daniel Miller, wrecked on the coast of France

25 May 1768 James Cook promoted to Lieutenant and given command of the bark, HMS Endeavour. top
  1795 HMS Thorn , Cdr. Robert Otway, captured Courier National in the West Indies.   
  1801 Boats of HMS Mercury (28), Cptn. T Rogers, re-took and brought out Bulldog from Ancona but had to abandon her.  
  1811 Tamatave and French frigate Nereide surrendered to HMS Astrea (36), Cptn. Charles Marsh Schomberg.  
  1812 HMS Hyacinth (26), Cptn. Thomas Ussher, HMS Termagant (18), Cptn. Gawen William Hamilton, and HMS Basilisk (14), Lt. George French, silenced the fortress and destroyed a small privateer at Almunecar.  
  1814 Boats of HMS Elizabeth (74), Cptn. Leveson Gower, took Aigle off Corfu.  
26 May 1758 HMS Dolphin (24), Captain Benjamin Marlow, and HMS Solebay (28), Captain Robert Craig, engage Marechal de Belleisle (44), François Thurot. top

Boats of the HMS Sabine sloop (18), George Price, captured privateers Guardia De ViaCanari and Madina in the roadstead at Chipiona.

HMS Pilot (18), John Toup Nicholas, destroyed and captured a number of vessels at Stongoli.

HMS Alacrity (18), Nisbet Palmer, captured by French corvette Abeille (20) off Bastia, Corsica.

27 May 1793

HMS Venus (32), Cptn. Jonathan Faulknor, engaged La Proserpine (36).

HMS Hyaena (24), Cptn. William Hargood, taken by French Concord (40) in the West Indies .

  1796 HMS Suffisante (14), Cdr. Nicholas Tomlinson, captured Revanche (12).  
  1813 Boats of HMS Apollo (38), Cptn. Bridges W. Taylor, and HMS Cerberus (32), Cptn. Thomas Garth, took 3 gunboats at Faro.  
28 May 1672 Battle of Solebay. A Dutch fleet of 75 ships, under Lt.-Admirals Michiel de Ruyter, Adriaen Banckert and Willem Joseph van Ghent, surprised an Anglo-French fleet of 93 ships, under The Duke of York and Vice-Admiral Comte Jean II d'Estrées, at anchor in Solebay. HMS Royal James (102) was destroyed by a fireship and the Earl of Sandwich was drowned. HMS Royal Katherine (84), Cptn. John Chichely, struck but was recaptured. The Dutch Jozua was destroyed, Stavoren was captured, and a third ship blew up. top
  1708 British squadron, under Charles Wager, of HMS Expedition (70), Cptn. Henry Long, HMS Kingston (60), Cptn. Simon Timothy Bridges, HMS Portland (50), Cptn. Edward Windsor, and HMS Vulture fireship (8), Cdr. Caesar Brooks, engaged Spanish treasure fleet, under José Fernández de Santillán , of eleven merchant ships (some armed), and seven escorting warships San José (64), Cptn. Santillán, San Joaquín (64), Cptn. Villanueva, Santa Cruz (44), Cptn. de la Rosa, Concepción (40), Cptn Francis, Carmen (24), Cptn Araoz, French Le Mieta (34) and French Saint Sprit (32) off Cartagena. San José blew up, Santa Cruz was taken and Concepción beached itself on Baru Island where the crew set the ship alight. The rest escaped.  
  1793 HMS Phaeton (38) Cptn. Andrew Snape Douglas, captures the French Prompte (20) off the coast of Spain  
  1803 HMS Minotaur (74), Cptn. C. J. M. Mansfield, HMS Thunderer (74), Cptn. William Redford, and HMS Albion (74), Cptn. John Ferrier, captured French frigate Franchise (34), Capt. Jurien, near Brest.  
  1808 Boats of HMS Fawn (18), Hon. George Alfred Crofton, cut out a large Spanish privateer schooner and three merchant ships at Porto Rico.  
  1812 HMS Menelaus (38), Cptn. Peter Parker, engaged French frigate Pauline and brig Ecureuil off Toulon.  
  1813 USS Essex (36), Cptn. David Porter, and prize capture five British whalers  
29 May 1719 HMS Blandford (20), Cptn. Erasmus Phillips, foundered in the Bay of Biscay with the loss of all on board. top
  1758 HMS Dorsetshire (70) and HMS Achilles (60), Cptn. Hon. Samuel Barrington, took French Raisonnable (64).  
  1781 Colonial frigate Alliance (36), Cptn. John Barry, captures HMS Atalanta (14), Cdr. Sampson Edwards, and HMS Trepassy (14), Cdr. James Smyth (Killed in Action), off Nova Scotia.  
  1794 HMS Carysfort (28), Cptn. Francis Laforey, re-captured HMS Castor (32) off Land's End.  
  1797 Boats of HMS Lively (20) and HMS Minerve (38), Cptn. George Cockburn, cut out Mutine (14) from the roads of Santa Cruz, under command of Thomas Masterman Hardy.  
  1807 HMS Jackall Gun-boat (14), Lt. Charles Stewart, captured by the French after going ashore near Calais.  
30 May 1781 HMS Crescent (28), Lt. John Bligh (act.), taken by Gloire (40) and Friponne (36) top
  1798 HMS Hydra (38), Cptn. Sir Francis Laforey, and consorts destroyed Confiante (36)  
  1814 US Navy gunboats capture three British boats from HMS Montreal and HMS Niagara on Lake Ontario near Sandy Creek, NY   
31 May 1696 HMS Lizard (24), Cptn. Joseph Welby, was lost off Toulon top
  1803 HMS Resistance (36), Cptn. Hon. Philip Wodehouse, wrecked on Cape St. Vincent  
  1805 Bombardment of HMS Diamond Rock commenced.  
  1808 HMS Redwing (18), Thomas Ussher, took two sail at Tarifa.  

HMS Topaze (38), Cptn. A. J. Griffiths, took four vessels and destroyed five at St. Maura, Albania.

HMS Unique (12) used as a fireship in Guadeloupe.


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*Dates of events prior to September 1752 may be quoted differently in some countries as both the Julian and Gregorian calendars were in use by countries. Calendars were regularised when Britain passed the Calendar Act of 1751 An Act for Regulating the Commencement of the Year; and for Correcting the Calendar now in Use.

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