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01 March 1804 HMS Weazle (16), Lt. William Layman (acting), driven ashore during a gale near Cabritta Point in Gibraltar Bay and wrecked.  

HMS Imogene (18) foundered on passage from the Leeward Islands.

HMS Redbridge (10), Act. Lt. Francis Blower Gibbs, foundered near Jamaica

  1807 HMS Hirondelle (16), Lt  Skinner, and boats of HMS Glatton (56), Cptn. Thomas Seccombe, cut out a Turkish corvette (10) from the port of Sigri.  
02 March 1709 HMS Assurance (70), Cptn. Anthony Tollet,  HMS Assistance (50), Cptn. Abraham Tudor (Killed in Action), HMS Anglesea (44) and consort escorting a convoy engaged 4 French ships under commodore Duguay-Trouin off the Lizard. top
  1741 HMS Wolf (14), Cptn. Dandridge, wrecked on the coast of Florida  
  1760 HMS Tartar's Prize (28), Cptn. Thomas Baillie, wrecked in the Mediterranean.  
  1783 HMS Resistance (44) took French Coquette (28)  
  1800 HMS Nereide (38), Cptn. Frederick Watkins, captured privateer Vengeance (16)  
  1801 HMS Cobourg (16), Lt. Wright, captured French privateer lugger Bienvenue (14) and retook two of her prizes.  
  1807 HMS Pigmy (14), Lt. George M. Higginson, wrecked near Rochefort  

HMS Sappho (18), George Langford,  captured Danish brig Admiral Jawl (28).

HMS Cerberus (32), Cptn. W. Selby, HMS Circe (32), Cptn. Hugh Pigot, and HMS Camilla (20), Cptn. John Bowen, capture the Island of Marie Galante.

  1810 Boats of HMS Cornwallis (54), Cptn. William Augustus Montagur, carried Margaretta (8) off the island of Amblaw  
  1811 Buonaparte levied 3,000 seamen in the three departments of the Mouths of the Elbe, the Wezer, and the Upper Ems, in discharge of their maritime conscription.  
  1859 Launch of paddle steamer USS Saginaw (4) at Mare Island, first Navy ship built on West Coast of U.S.   
03 March 1776 First amphibious landing operation. Continental naval squadron under Commodore Esek Hopkins lands Sailors and Marines on New Providence Island in the Bahamas, capturing urgently-needed ordnance and gunpowder.  top
  1801 The Battle of the West Kay. The Danish brig Lougen, Lt Cmdr Carl W. Jessen, engages British frigates HMS Experiment and HMS Arab off the West Kay at the Danish West Indies. Both frigates are forced to flee.  
  1824 HMS Dwarf (10), Lt. Nicholas Gould,  wrecked after ran against the Pier in Kingstown Harbour.  
04 March 1650 Five Dutch ships Aagtekerke jacht, Tijger frigate, Luipaard jacht, Bergen op Zoom jacht, and Juffer (flute) lost in the Far East top
  1653 Battle of Leghorn. Dutch fleet of 16 ships, under Commodore Johan van Galen (Mortally wounded), defeated English squadron of 6 ships, under Cptn. Henry Appleton,  attempting to break out of blockade at Leghorn and join  Cptn. Richard Badiley's 8 ships. 3 ships were captured and 2 destroyed.  
  1804 Boats of HMS Blenheim (90), Cptn. Thomas Graves, failed to cut out French national schooner Curieux.  
  1807 HMS Blanche (38), Cptn. Thomas Lavie, wrecked off Ushant.  
05 March 1800 HMS Phoebe (36), Cptn. Robert Barlow, captured Heureux (22). top
  1804 Cutter of HMS Eclair (10), Lt. Carr, cut out privateer Rose from La Hayes, Guadeloupe  
06 March 1740 British squadron, under Vice Admiral Edward Vernon, commences 4 day bombardment of Cartagena. top
  1811 HMS Thistle (8), Lt. George M'Pherson, wrecked near New York  
  1822 USS Enterprise captures four pirate ships in Gulf of Mexico  
  1862 USS Monitor departs New York for Hampton Roads, VA    
07 March 1665 HMS London (64) blew up in an accident and sank in the Thames estuary. top
  1762 HMS Milford (28), Cptn. Robert Mann (Killed in Action), took privateer La Gloire (16) in the Bay of Biscay  
  1778 HMS Yarmouth (64), Cptn. Vincent, was engaged by Continental frigate Randolph (32), Cptn. Nicholas Biddle, which exploded, killing all but 4 of her 315 man crew.  
  1795 HMS Berwick (74), Cptn. Littlejohn (Killed in Action) captured by French fleet off Cap Corse, Mediterranean.  
  1804 Boats of HMS Inconstant (36), Cptn. Edward Sterling Dickson, cut out a ship at Goree.  
  1810 Cuthbert Collingwood died.  
  1814 American privateer Mars destroyed at Sandy Hook.  
08 March 1748 British squadron under Rear-Admiral Sir Charles Knowles reduced Port Louis, Hispaniola. top
  1794 HMS Convert (36) wrecked on the Grand Caymanes, West Indies.  
  1796 HMS Orpheus (32) engaged Banda batteries: Banda Isles taken.  
  1806 Boats of HMS Egyptienne (40), Cptn. Charles Paget, cut out French privateer frigate Alcide (48) from the harbour of Muros  
  1808 HMS San Fiorenzo (38), Cptn. George Nicholas Hardinge (Killed in Action), captured Piemontaise (50), Cptn. Epron, in the Gulf of Mannar  
  1854 Commodore Matthew Perry opens treaty negotiations with Japan  
  1862 Ironclad ram CSS Virginia destroys USS Cumberland and USS Congress  
09 March 1778

HMS Ariadne (20), Cptn. Pringle, and HMS Ceres (18), Cptn. Dacres, took American frigate Alfred (20) off the Bahamas. Her consort Raleigh escaped.

HMS Victory's first captain Sir John Lindsay took command of her

  1796 Boats of HMS Barfleur (98), Cptn. James Dacres, Vice Ad. Sir Wm. Waldegrave, HMS Egmont (74), Cptn. John Sutton, HMS Bombay Castle (74) with two other 74s, brought out the captured British frigate Nemesis (28),  French ship-corvette Sardine (18)and brig-corvette Postillon from the neutral port of Tunis.  
  1797 HMS San Fiorenzo (38), Cptn. Sir H. Burrard Neale, and HMS Nymphe (36) captured French frigate Resistance (40) and corvette Constance (22) off Brest.  
  1847 Commodore David Connor USN leads successful amphibious assault near Vera Cruz, Mexico  
  1862 First battle between ironclads, USS Monitor and CSS Virginia in Hampton Roads  
10 March 1705 A French squadron of 14 ships, under Rear Admiral Jean-Bernard Desjeans, blockading Gibraltar engaged by a combined British, Dutch and Portugese fleet, under Sir  John Leake, off Marbella. HMS Revenge (70), Sir Thomas Dilkes, took Arrogant (60) and two more French line-of-battle ships were taken and two driven ashore where they were burnt. top
  1783 Last Naval action of the American Revolution. Continental frigate Alliance (36), departed Havana with companion ship Due de Lauzun carrying money for Congress. South of Cape Canaveral, Florida, she sighted three enemy warships closing in. To protect Due de Lauzen, Barry placed Alliance between the vessel and HMS Sibyl (28), Cptn. James Vashon. After being damaged in battle, Sibyl returned to enemy warships that had not joined in the battle.  
  1796 HMS Phaeton (38), Cptn. Hon. Robert Stopford, captured Bonne Citoyenne (20) off Cape Finisterre  
  1800 HMS Repulse (64), Cptn. John Alms, struck a sunken rock off Ushant.  
11 March 1778 Continental frigate Boston (24), Cptn. Samuel Tucker, captured the British ship Martha in the North Atlantic top
  1787 Horatio Nelson marries Frances Misbet at Nevis. Prince William Henry gave the bride away.  
  1835 HMS Jackdaw (4), Lt. Cdr. Edward Barnett, wrecked on uncharted reef off Old Providence.  
  1846 HMS Osprey (18), Frederick Patten, wrecked off False Hoklanga, New Zealand.  
12 March 1672 Sir Robert Holmes' Action against Dutch Smyrna merchant convoy and escorts. top
  1704 British squadron of HMS Kent (70), HMS Bedford (70), Sir Thomas Hardy, and HMS Antelope (50), Cptn. Thomas Legge, under Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Dilkes engaged and captured three Spanish ships Porto Coeli (60), Santa Teresa (60) and the merchant frigate San Nicolas (24)   

HMS Topaze (38), Cptn. A. J. Griffiths, engaged Danae and Flora.

  1814 HMS Primrose (18), Charles Phillott, engaged by mistake a British brig packet Duke of Marlborough, Cptn. Bull, off Cape Finisterre.  
13 March 1761 HMS Vengeance (28), Cptn. Gamaliel Nightingale, took Entreprenant (26). top
  1780 HMS Alexander (74) and HMS Courageux (74), Cptn. Charles Feilding, took Monsieur.  
  1793 HMS Scourge (14), William Stap, captured richly laden French ship Sans Culotte.  
  1795 HMS Lively (32), Cptn. George Burlton, captured Tourterelle (28), Cptn. Guillaume S. A. Montalan, off Ushant  

HMS Viper captured Virgen Maria del Carmen

HMS Plymouth captured Amitie.

  1804 HMS Emerald (36), Cptn James O'Bryen, and  armed sloop Fort Diamond, Thomas Forrest, cut out privateer schooner Mozambique (10), Citizen Vallentes, from under the battery at Seron, Martinique  
  1806 HMS London (90) and HMS Amazon (38) captured Marengo (80), Rear Ad. Linois, and Belle Poule (40) supported by Rear Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren's squadron in the Atlantic.  
  1808 HMS Emerald (36), Frederick Lewis Maitland, took French corvette Apropos (12) in Vivero harbour but had to blow her up after she went aground under fire.  
  1811 Battle of Lissa. Cptn. William Hoste with 3 frigates and one 22 gun ship defeated a Franco-Venetian squadron of 6 frigates and 6 smaller vessels under Bernard Dubourdieu  
14 March 1704 HMS Seahorse (24) wrecked off Jamaica top
  1757 Admiral John Byng executed by firing squad on the forecastle of HMS Monarch in the Solent  
  1779 HMS Rattlesnake (10) took Fenelon.  
  1790 William Bligh arrived back in Britain after Bounty Mutiny.  

Battle of Genoa. British-Neapolitan fleet of 14 ships, under Vice Admiral Hotham, defeated French fleet of 13 ships, under Rear Admiral Pierre Martin. French ships Ça Ira (84) and Censeur were captured. HMS Illustrious (74), Cptn. Thomas Lennox Frederick was too badly damaged and was set on fire.

  1804 HMS Drake (14), Lt. Samuel W. King, captured two prizes off Englishman's Head in Guadeloupe.  
  1808 The Danish brig Lougen (20), Lt. Peter F. Wulff, engaged the British brig HMS Childers (16), William H. Dillon, away after several hours of battle, off Hitterø in Norway .  
  1823 John Jervis, 1st Earl of St Vincent died  
  1863  R.Adm. Farragut's squadron of 7 ships forces way up Mississippi River to support Union troops at Vicksburg and Baton Rouge  
15 March 1759 HMS Aeolus (32), Cptn. John Elliot, took Mignone (20) top
  1793 HMS Syren (32) engaged batteries at Moordyke.  
  1807 Boats of HMS Camus cut out six merchantmen.  
  1808 Start of 6 day engagement between HMS Terpsichore (28), Cptn. William Augustus Montague, and French frigate Semillante (40), Cptn. Motard, off Ceylon  

Boats of HMS Arethusa (38), Cptn. Robert Mends, carried the batteries and destroyed the gunsat Lequito.

16 March 1781 Battle of Cape Henry. A British squadron of 8 ships, under Vice Admiral Mariot Arbuthnot, engaged a French squadron of 7 ships, under Cptn. Des Touches. top
  1782 HMS Success (32), Cptn. Charles Maurice Pole, took Spanish frigate Santa Catalina (34), Don Jacen, off Cape Spartel.  She was set her on fire when other enemy ships closed.  
  1801 HMS  Invincible (74), Cptn. John Rennie, wrecked on Hasborough Sands, near Yarmouth.  
17 March 1796 HMS Diamond (38), Cptn. Sir Sidney Smith,  HMS Liberty (14), Lt. George M'Kinley, and HMS Aristocrat (12), Lt. Abraham Gossett, took and destroyed enemy vessls at Port Spergni. top
  1800 HMS Queen Charlotte (100) Cptn. Andrew Todd, caught fire and blew up off the island of Cabrera  
  1804 HMS Penguin (16), G. Morris, drove aground French privateer schooner  Renommee, Citizen Renaud, on the bar at Senegal. She was set on fire and destroyed by the ships boats on the 24th.  
  1806 Boats of HMS Pique (14), Charles Bayne Hodgson Ross, captured Spanish armed schooner Santa Clara off Ocoa Bay  
  1807 British disembarkation at Alexandria.  
  1864 The Danish Blockade Squadron in the eastern part of the Baltic, composed of the Ship-of-the-line Skjold, the frigate Sjaelland and the corvettes Hejmdal and Thor, under Rear Ad. Carl E. van Dockum, fire at and drive away the Prussian frigate Arcona, the corvette Nymphe, the paddle steamer Loreley and 5 steam gunboats, under Kapitän zur See Jachmann, off Swinemünde.  
18 March 1736 HMS Biddeford (20) foundered off Flamborough Head.  top
  1757 HMS Greenwich (50), Cptn. Robert Rodham, taken by French Squadron of 8 large vessels off  Cape Cabron.  
  1799 HMS Telegraph (16), Lt. James Andrew Worth, captured French privateer brig Hirondelle (16) off the Isle of Bas  
  1813 Battery at Carri, to the west of Marseilles, destroyed by boats of HMS Undaunted (38), Cptn. Thomas Ussher  
19 March 1779 HMS Arethusa (32), Cptn. Samuel Marshall, wrecked off Ushant top
20 March 1780 HMS Lion (64), Cptn. William Cornwallis, HMS Bristol (50) and HMS Janus (44) chased by M. de la Motte Piquet, who had four 74 gun ships and two frigates, off Monte Christi, St. Domingo. top
  1796 HMS Anson (64), HMS Galatea (32), Cptn. Richard Keats,  and consorts under Sir John Borlase Warren engaged with French convoy captured L'Etoile (30), one of five French frigates in escort of a provision fleet of 70 sail.  
  1799 Siege of Acre begins. Napoleon besieges Ottoman forces supported by British squadron under Sidney Smith, HMS Tigre (74)  
  1801 St Bartholomew capitulated to British under Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth.  
  1809 Boats of HMS Arethusa (38), Cptn. Robert Mends, destroyed batteries at Baigno and Paissance.  
21 March 1796 HMS Leviathan (74), Cptn. J. T. Duckworth, HMS Swiftsure (74) and HMS Africa (64), Cptn. Robert Home, bombarded Leogane, San Domingo top
  1800 HMS Petrel (16), Francis William Austen, drove 2 armed vessels ashore and captured Ligurienne (16) in the Bay of Marseilles  
  1806 Boats of HMS Colpoys (14), Thomas Ussher, cut out 3 Spanish luggers, Santa Buena Ventura (2), San Antonio (2) and San Real, from the port of Avilles.  
  1807 Alexandria capitulated to British.  
  1813 Boats of HMS Blazer  (14), Lt. Francis Banks, and HMS Brevdrageren, Lt. Thomas Baker Devon, took Danish gunboats Jonge Troutman (5), Lt. Lutkin, and Liebe (5), Lt. Writt, in the River Elbe  
22 March 1797 HMS Hermione (32), Cptn. Pigot, destroyed vessels at Porto Rico. top
  1798 HMS Canada (38), Commodore Sir John Borlase Warren, HMS Phaeton (38), Cptn. Robert Stopford, and HMS Anson (38) engaged Charente (36) off the Gironde  
  1801 Boats of HMS Andromache (32), Cptn. Robert Laurie,and HMS Cleopatra (32), Cptn. Israel Pellew, attack a convoy of 30 vessels protected by 3 gun vessels in the Bay of Levita, Cuba.  

HMS Aigle (36), Cptn. George Wolfe, engaged off Ile de Croix by batteries  forced 1 of 2 frigates,  Furieuse (40), ashore.

The Battle of Sjællands Odde. Danish Prinds Christian Frederik (74), Cmdr. Carl W. Jessen, engaged English squadron of HMS Stately (64), Commodore George Parker, HMS Nassau  and 3 frigates. She grounded outside Odden harbor, was set on fire and exploded.

  1810 Start of campaign by HMS Magnificent (74), Cptn. G. Eyre, HMS Montagu (74), Cptn. Moubray, HMS Belle Poule (38), Cptn. James Brisbane, HMS Leonidas (36), Cptn. Anselm John Griffiths, and HMS Imogene (16), Thomas Garth, which captured Santa Maura.  

HMS Captain (hulk) caught fire in the Hamoaze, Plymouth and sank the next day after burning to the waterline.

Two French vessels taken at Vasto by boats of HMS Havannah (36), Cptn. Hon. George Cadogan.

  1820 Commodore Stephen Decatur dies after duel with Cptn. James Barron   
23 March 1804 HMS Osprey (18), George Younghusband, engaged French privateer Egyptienne (36), M. Placiard top
  1805 Boats of HMS Stork (18), George Le Geyt, cut out Dutch privateer Antelope and a brig from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico  
  1815 USS Hornet (20), James Lawrence, captures HMS Penguin (18), James Dickinson, off Tristan da Cuhna  
24 March 1801

HMS Fulminante Cutter (10), Lt. Robert Corbett, drifted on Shore at La Cruelle, coast of Egypt.

  1804 HMS Wolverine (16), Henry Gordon, while escorting a convoy to Newfoundland, engaged and sunk by two French privateers, one Blonde (36) and another (20).  
  1806 HMS Reindeer (18), John Fyffe, engaged Voltigeur (16), Jacques Saint-Cricq, and Phaeton (16), Louis-Henri Freycinet-Saulce.  
  1808 HMS Muros (22), Cptn. Archibald Duff, wrecked at the entrance of the Harbour of Bahia Honda, Cuba.  
  1811 HMS Berwick (74), Cptn. James Macnamara, HMS Amelia (38), Cptn. Frederick Paul Irby, HMS Goshawk (16), James Lilburne, HMS Hawk and HMS Niobe (38), Cptn. J. W. Loring, destroyed Amazone (40) off Cape Barfleur in a 2 day engagement.  
25 March 1802 Treaty of Amiens signed, ending French Revolutionary Wars. top

HMS Hippomenes, Conway Shipley, captured French privateer Egyptienne.

HMS Magnificent (74), Cptn. W. H. Jervis, wrecked near the Pierres Noires, Brest.


HMS Milbrook Schooner (18), Lt. James Leach, wrecked on the Burlings.

HMS Electra Sloop (16), G. Trollope, wrecked on a reef at the entrance of Port Augusta, Sicily.

  1813 USS Essex (46), Cptn. David Porter, takes Neryeda, first capture by U.S. Navy in Pacific  
26 March 1745 Vice Admiral Martin captured French La Panthere (26) and convoy of 5 sail in the channel top
  1803 HMS Determinee (24), Cptn. Alexander Becher, stuck broadside on to a sunken rock and bilged near Noirmont Point on the western side of St. Aubyn Bay.  
  1806 HMS Pique (40), Charles Bayne Hodgson Ross, captured Voltigeur (16), Jacques Saint-Cricq, and Phaeton (16), Louis-Henri Freycinet-Saulce, in the West Indies  
  1813 Boats of HMS Havannah (36), Cptn. Hon. George Cadogan, captured 10 vessels at Fortore.  

HMS Hebrus (36), Cptn. Edmund Palmer, took French Etoile (44), Cptn. Henri Pierre Philibert, and HMS Hannibal (74), Cptn. Sir Michael Seymour, took Sultane (40) in the Channel.

27 March 1711 HMS Exeter (60), Cptn. Raymond, engages Pembroke (60) off La Spezia top
  1794 Congress authorizes construction of 6 frigates, including Constitution  
  1799 USS Constitution (44), Cptn. Samuel Nicholson, recaptures American sloop Neutrality from France    
  1811 HMS Tartar (32), Cptn. Jos. Baker, and HMS Sheldrake (16), James Pattison Stewart, engage Danish Flotilla of 12 gunboats, 12 transport vessels etc., under Lt. Jørgen C. de Falsen off the Danish island of Anholt and captures 2 gunboats and 2 other ships.  
  1812 HMS Rosario (10), Booty Harvey, and HMS Griffon (16), George Trollope,  destroyed 5 French brigs off Dieppe.  
28 March 1759 HMS Southampton (32), Cptn. James Gilchrist, and HMS Melampe (36), Cptn. William Hotham, took French frigate Danae (40) in the North Sea top
  1760 HMS Penguin (20), Cptn. William Harris, taken and destroyed by Malicieuse (32) and Opale (32) near the Bayona Islands.  
  1797 HMS Kingfisher (18), John Bligh, captured French privateer General (14)  
  1800 USS Essex becomes first U.S. Navy vessel to pass Cape of Good Hope  
  1801 HMS Charlotte Schooner, John Williams,  wrecked on reef of rocks near Island of Ash.  
  1806 HMS Niobe (38), Cptn. J. W. Loring, captured French corvette Nearque (16) off L'Orient  
  1814 HMS Phoebe (36) and HMS Cherub (18) under Cptn. James Hillyar capture USS Essex (46), Cptn. David Porter, off Valparaiso, Chile.  
29 March 1745 HMS Anglesea (44) Cptn. Jacob Elton (Killed in Action), captured by French privateer Apollo (54), Cptn. Belleisle, in the Channel. top
  1795 HMS Cerberus (32), Cptn. J. Drew, captured Jean Bart.  
  1802 HMS Assistance (50), Cptn. Richard Lee, wrecked between Dunkerque and Gravelines.  
  1805 French fleet under Pierre-Charles Villeneuve sails from Toulon  
30 March 1781 HMS Flora (36), Capt. William Pere Williams, and HMS Crescent (28), Cptn. T. Packenham, engaged 2 Dutch ships off the Barbary coast. Flora took Castor (32) but Crescent struck to Brille (32) before she was driven away by Flora. top
  1799 HMS Sparrow (12) and HMS Trent (36), Cptn. R. W. Ottway, at Porto Rico.  
  1800 HMS Penelope (36), Cptn. Blackwood, HMS Lion (64), Cptn. Manley Dixon, and HMS Foudroyant (80), Cptn. Sir Edward Berry, captured Guillaume Tell (86) off Malta.  
  1801 British Fleet under Hyde Parker and Nelson forced the Sound.  
  1808 HMS Cerberus (32), Cptn. W. Selby, and consorts captured the Island of Deseada.  
31 March 1671 HMS Sapphire (36), Cptn. John Pearce, run ashore at the Isles of Scilly by Cptn. and 1st Lt. to avoid capture when 4 sail sighted and was wrecked. They proved to be friendly and the officers were subsequently sentenced to be shot for cowardice. top
  1804 HMS Scorpion (18), George Hardinge, and HMS Beaver (14), Charles Pelly, cut out Dutch brig Atalante (16), Cptn. Carp (Killed in Action) from the Vlie passage at the entrance to the Texel.  
  1813 Batteries at Morjean, a small harbour between Marseilles and Toulon, and 3 vessels destroyed and 11 vessels captured by HMS Undaunted (38), Cptn. Thomas Ussher, HMS Redwing (18), Sir John Gordon Sinclair, and HMS Volontaire.  
  1823 Boats of HMS Tyne (24), Cptn. Walcott,  and HMS Thracian (18), John Walter Roberts, captured pirate schooner Zarajonaza in the Old Bahama Channel  
  1854 Commodore Matthew Perry negotiates Treaty of Kanagawa to open trade between U.S. and Japan   

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*Dates of events prior to September 1752 may be quoted differently in some countries as both the Julian and Gregorian calendars were in use by countries. Calendars were regularised when Britain passed the Calendar Act of 1751 An Act for Regulating the Commencement of the Year; and for Correcting the Calendar now in Use.

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