A Bloody Beginning

Cal Clement has the first book in a new series, A Bloody Beginning, available to pre-order worldwide for Kindle. It will be released on 1 March 2024.

War is coming. The first blood has been spilled.

Jack Horner has always dreamed of an adventure filled life. He spends his afternoons in the Boston Harbor watching ships as they come into port from far flung origins. A life at sea holds the promise of adventure, but Jack is doomed to the constricts of being the son of a lower-class blacksmith's son. The forge and anvil loom large over his future like an impending wave destined to crash down and topple his dreams of seeing distant shores.

But, there is a foul wind blowing over Boston in the spring of 1770. Clashes between local townsfolk and the British Army effect every part of life in Boston. The tensions in the colonies are about to boil over and change the face of the world. Jack's fate is changed at a stroke, and suddenly he finds himself thrown into the very life he had spent so many afternoons fantasizing about.

Is a life at sea all that he had imagined? Will Jack find his true north and manage to navigate the uncertain future before him?

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