Hazzard's Convoy

Jonathan Spencer has a new book in 'The William John Hazzard Series', Hazzard's Convoy, available for pre-order. It will be released worldwide for Kindle download and in the UK in Paperback on 23 May 2024. No date is currently available for the US Paperback. The series follows a Royal Marine officer and the previous 3 books have also been added to the site.

Late 1799: Napoleon Bonaparte seizes power in Paris as an Ottoman army of 80,000 descends upon Egypt. Abandoned, French general Kléber wants to get his soldiers home, their only hope a rescue fleet led by the deadly 74-gun Généreux. For William John Hazzard and the marines of 9 Company the order is clear: find the Généreux.

On the hunt with De la Vega and the Volpone, they meet fire and battle amid the terrors of the Ionian Gyre and the Deeps of Hades. Beset by spies from Istanbul to Toulon, Hazzard races after the Généreux and the desperate French convoy – and brings Nelson out from Palermo to give battle once again.

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