Sail on the crew of the Baltimore Clipper the Chasseur known as the "Pride of Baltimore", the most famous US privateer in the War of 1812.

Picking up where The Cruise of the Comet leaves off and once again told through the eyes of young Stephen Burton this true-to-life account follows Captain Thomas Boyle and the crew of the Chasseur through exciting adventures on land and at sea. James Otis weaves into the factual account not only the events of the cruise itself but delves into the causes of the war, local history and lessons both moral and practical "Captain Tom, The Privateersman" is an excellent introduction for the young reader to the War of 1812 and a good old fashioned page turner for readers of all ages.

Captain Tom

Author: James Otis

Title: Captain Tom, The Privateersman of the Armed Brig Chasseur

Series: Privateers of 1812 Series

First Published by: Estes and Lauriat

Place: Boston

Format: HC

Date: 1899




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