This is a story based on the true life adventures of Captain Luke Ryan - Irish swashbuckler, American patriot, mariner extraordinaire and Benjamin Franklin's most dangerous privateer... It is an epic story about war, heroism, love, intrigue and betrayal spanning a period from the American Revolution, to the French Revolution and through the rise of Napoleon.

 It is the spring of 1781 and the British Navy has finally caught the brilliant Captain Ryan, a man who terrorized English ships and towns for nearly two years. Ryan is tried for treason and piracy, convicted and sentenced to hang until King George grants mercy after hearing the pleas of Queen Marie Antoinette, an admirer of the young mariner, to spare the Irishman's life. After the war Ryan returns to France but he has no money, no ship or crew and has no prospects until one day he meets an ambitious entrepreneur named Joseph Bonaparte and his younger brother, a major in the French Army, named Napoleon...

Napoleon's Gold

Author: Mark M. McMillin

Title: Napoleon's Gold

Series: Captain Luke Ryan: Privateer

First Published by: Hephaestus Publishing


Format: PB

Date: August 2011

ISBN-10: 0983817928

ISBN-13: 9780983817925




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