This is a story based on the true life adventures of Captain Luke Ryan - Irish swashbuckler, American patriot, mariner extraordinaire and Benjamin Franklin's most dangerous privateer... It is an epic story about war, heroism, love, intrigue and betrayal spanning a period from the American Revolution, to the French Revolution and through the rise of Napoleon.

The year is 1779 and the American Colonies are losing their life and death struggle for independence from Great Britain. Their rag-tag armies are in retreat. Their small navy has been swept from the seas. The fate of a fragile nation, the fate of the Revolution, hangs by a thread.

In walks Ryan with his fast ships and iron men eager to fight the British for their own reasons. Before they are finished Ryan and his men will capture or destroy over 100 British ships, take hundreds of prisoners and invade English and Scottish towns – tying down precious military resources, causing financial panic in London and inflicting more damage on British maritime interests than perhaps any other naval force during the war.

Prince of the Atlantic

Author: Mark M. McMillin

Title: Prince of the Atlantic

Series: Captain Luke Ryan: Privateer

First Published by: Hephaestus Publishing


Format: PB

Date: August 2011

ISBN-10: 098381791X

ISBN-13: 9780983817918




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