The third book of the Butler Family Chronicles, Revolutionary Privateers, continues the saga of this entrepreneurial family. The revolution is now about to enter its third year with few successes for the newly named United States. Monies are scarce; the ports are blockaded by their British enemy and General Washington’s small army, wintering at Valley Forge, is hard put to survive.

The family’s commercial activities have faltered with the advent of war. However, the family has fully participated in their new country’s defense and they have supported their new country both on land and on the sea. Once again they have privateering letters of marque; this time from the Continental Congress. The capture of enemy ships often provided rich rewards to be shared with their new country.

A new ship was in the final stages of construction in their Baltimore shipyard destined to wreak havoc with the British opium fleet in the China seas. Such it was for the Butlers in the early spring of 1778 in the in their new country’s fight to shed themselves of British tyranny.

Revolutionary Privateers

Author: Brad Koch

Title: Revolutionary Privateers

Series: The Butler Family Chronicles

First Published by:


Format: Kindle

Date: 7 September 2015





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