This book is a sequel to Fowler's Jeremiah Martin, based in the Revolutionary War. Lovejoy Martin, the son of Jeremiah Martin, is a medical studenet who has been forced to return home to Philadelphia. His father manipulates him into going aboard a Baltimore privateer as a ships surgeon. During the next two and a half years, while the War of 1812 rages, Lovejoy serves aboard the Niagara in the Battle of Lake Erie, and observes firsthand the British sack of Washington and the attack on Fort McHenry.

Voyage to Honor 

Author: Robert H. Fowler

Title: Voyage to Honor: A Historical Novel : The War of 1812

Series: Martin

First Published by: Stackpole Books


Format: HC

Date: 1996

ISBN-10: 0-811709-13-2

ISBN-13: 978-0811709132

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