Jeremiah Martin, the son of Virginia gentry, has fled his cruel stepfather to board with a Pennsylvania frontiersman and his family. He witnesses the Lexington Massacre and soon becomes an American spy and double-agent serving not only the colonies but also Sir Francis Bolton, a Barbados businessman. Resenting Bolton's yoke, he seizes a ship belonging to Sir Francis and makes a mortal enemy of its captain, Atticus Fitzgerald. Martin witnesses the Battles of Bunker Hill and Germantown on land and commands a group of privateers travelling to Boston, Philadelphia, the Caribbean and Europe, always shadowed by a secret in his and Sir Francis's past.

Jeremiah Martin: A Revolutionary War Novel

Author: Robert H. Fowler

Title: Jeremiah Martin: A Revolutionary War

Series: Martin Family

First Published by: Dodd, Mead


Format: HC

Date: 1988

ISBN-10: 0396088309

ISBN-13: 9780396088301

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