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Author :: James Barrington
First Published by :: Endeavour Press
Format :: Kindle
Date :: 10 May 2012
Spring 1982. The government of Argentina seizes control of an obscure group of islands in the South Atlantic. And the Falklands War, the last great naval conflict of the 20th century, is about to begin.

On board the HMS Illustrious a young naval officer started keeping a diary of the voyage to the South Atlantic - the story of a young man embarking on a terrifying adventure from which he couldn't know if he would return alive.

Ghost-written from the original diaries by the best-selling military thriller writer James Barrington 'Falklands: Voyage To War' gives a fascinating glimpse into the psychology of a junior officer going into conflict for the first time. The anxiety, anticipation and excitement are captured in brilliant detail, as is the intense planning and preparation that went into recapturing the island.

It is a unique insight into one of the most famous British military victories.

Falklands: Voyage To War

Author: James Barrington

Title: Falklands: Voyage To War


First Published by: Endeavour Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 10 May 2012





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