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This volume brings together a set of scholarly, readable and up-to-date essays covering the most significant naval mutinies of the 20th century, including Russia (1905), Brazil (1910), Austria (1918), Germany (1918), France (1918-19), Great Britain (1931), Chile (1931), the United States (1944), India (1946), China (1949), Australia, and Canada (1949).

Each chapter addresses the causes of the mutiny in question, its long- and short-term repercussions, and the course of the mutiny itself. More generally, authors consider the state of the literature on their mutiny and examine significant historiographical issues connected with it, taking advantage of new research and new methodologies to provide something of value to both the specialist and non-specialist reader. The book provides fresh insights into issues such as what a mutiny is, what factors cause them, what navies are most susceptible to them, what responses lead to satisfactory or unsatisfactory conclusions, and how far-reaching their consequences tend to be.

Naval Mutinies of the Twentieth Century: An International Perspective

Author: Christopher M. Bell & Bruce Allen Elleman (Editors)

Title: Naval Mutinies of the Twentieth Century: An International Perspective


First Published by: Routledge


Format: HC

Date: 1 July 2003

ISBN-10: 0714654604

ISBN-13: 9780714654607




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