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Bernard Edwards tells this factual historic story of the convoy that Montsarrat used for his novel in three parts, each describing one convoy. Part One. Convoy OG 71, with 22 merchantmen and eight escorts sailed from Liverpool for Gibraltar on 14 August 1941. No less than 10 ships were lost without a single U-boat being sunk and the convoy had to seek refuge in Lisbon. Part Two. Convoy HG 73 sailed from Gibraltar for Liverpool on 17 September 1941 with 25 merchant ships and 13 escorts. Of these 10 were sunk and only one U-Boat was damaged. Part Three sees the tables turned during the December 1941 HG 76 convoy from Gibraltar. It comprised 31 merchantmen with a heavy escort of 15 warships, commanded by Captain Walker. During a 6 day running battle five U-boats were sunk for the loss of seven British ships. This book is a thrilling account of naval action played out in mid-Atlantic. It also includes an appendix of the personal recollections of one of the officers on HG 73.

The Cruel Sea Retold: The Truth Behind Monsarrat's Epic Convoy Drama

Author: Bernard Edwards

Title: The Cruel Sea Retold: The Truth Behind Monsarrat's Epic Convoy Drama


First Published by: Pen & Sword


Format: HC

Date: 15 January 2009

ISBN-10: 1844158632

ISBN-13: 9781844158638




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