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The Ship With Two Captains

The amazing true story of a submarine engaged in Secret Operations during World War Two.

Between 1942 and 1944 HMS Seraph was engaged in unusual but vital wartime assignments, including carrying Eisenhower’s deputy, General Mark Clark, through the Mediterranean to a hazardous rendezvous with the Free French as a prelude to the North African invasion, as well as the dramatic rescue of General Giraud from Vichy France in rough sea right under the nose of the enemy. Her most famous mission however was Operation Mincemeat where she aided the allies in deceiving their enemy about the invasion of Sicily.

Yet what made these missions even more extraordinary was the fact that this “Secret Mission Submarine” had the unusual distinction of having two captains — Royal Navy Lieutenant Bill Jewell who was in operational control and Captain Jerauld Wright of the United States Navy who commanded for political purposes.

Terence Robertson uncovers the history of this extraordinary submarine and how these two captains collaborated to pull off some of the most remarkable operations in the Second World War.

  • Author: Terence Robertson
  • Title: The Ship With Two Captains: The Story of the "Secret Mission Submarine"
  • Series: World War Two at Sea
  • First Published by: Evans Brothers
  • First Published Format: HC
  • First Published Date: 1957

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