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HMS Ramillies was the last battleship to join the Grand Fleet in 1917 and survived to fight in the Second World War. Although the ship did not make headlines, she was actively employed from start to finish, and even survived being torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. In this respect she was typical rather than extraordinary but, like any large ship, to her crew she was unique - she was certainly the only ship in British naval history whose captain wore a grass skirt into battle (honouring a Maori belief that the ship would come to no harm while he did so; Ramillies survived the war). This book, produced with the full cooperation of the HMS Ramillies Association, is a tribute to the ship in words and photographs, deftly assembled from a combination of interviews with surviving crew members, and carefully researched diaries and written accounts by those connected with the ship, including HRH the Duke of Edinburgh for whom Ramillies was his first ship. Many personal photo albums were unearthed to provide previously unpublished illustrations, which add a further dimension to a vivid picture of naval life in an almost-forgotten era. Battleship Ramillies: A Final Salvo

Author: Ian Johnston & Mick French

Title: Battleship Ramillies: A Final Salvo


First Published by: Seaforth Publishing


Format: HC

Date: 30 May 2014

ISBN-10: 1848322070

ISBN-13: 9781848322073




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