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This great battlecruiser was the largest warship in the world for most of her career, and the prestige ship of the inter-war Royal Navy. By the outbreak of war she was outclassed by more modern ships, but her heroic destruction by the Bismarck in 1941 has ensured a continuing world-wide fascination with the ship, including a recent expedition which located and photographed the wreck. In this book technical details of the ship's construction and armament are illustrated with high-quality coloured artwork, among the best computer-generated imagery of ships ever created - produced by one of the team responsible for the cgi in the recent blockbuster movie 'Titanic'. The book also features a remarkable collection of largely unpublished photographs, many taken by those serving on the ship or her close consorts. This allows the author to concentrate on the experience of shipboard life for the crew of what was undoubtedly the most glamorous warship of her time. This is the ultimate book on the ultimate ship of the pre-war era. The Battlecruiser HMS Hood: An Illustrated Biography 1916-1941

Author: Bruce Taylor

Title: The Battlecruiser HMS Hood: An Illustrated Biography 1916-1941


First Published by: Chatham Publishing


Format: HC

Date: 19 February 2005

ISBN-10: 186176216X

ISBN-13: 9781861762160




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