Bill Berenger is the senior cadet on the Red Diamond Line's merchant -ship Chideock Mote unloading in the port of Santa Monica, the capital city of the republic of San Isidore, South America, when the second and third officers are arrested for the murder of an Armenian store keeper. The ship is impounded until all the evidence is collected. For some as yet undisclosed reason it becomes clear that the ship itself has a vital role to play in the coming insurrection. Berenger makes up his mind that it is his duty to use his local knowledge, his ability to speak the Spanish dialect and the training he received from his father in police methods, to save the day.

Bill Berenger's First Case

Author: Douglas V. Duff

Title: Bill Berenger's First Case

Series: Berenger

First Published by: Blackie & Son

Place: London

Format: HC

Date: 1948



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