Considering that oil and gas have been flowing from under the North Sea for the best part of half a century, it is perhaps surprising that more writers have not taken the uncompromising conditions that are experienced in this area - which extends from the north of Scotland to the coasts of Norway and Germany - for the setting of a novel. James Boschert's latest redresses the balance. The book takes its title from the name of an area regularly referred to in the legendary BBC Shipping Forecast and one which experiences some of the worst weather conditions around the British Isles. It is a fast-paced story which smacks of authenticity in every line. A world of hard men, hard liquor, hard drugs and cold-blooded murder. The reality of the setting and the characters , ex-military men from both sides of the Atlantic, crooked wheeler-dealers, and Danish detectives, male and female, are all in on the action. This is not story telling akin to a latter day Bulldog Drummond, or even a James Bond, but simply a snortingly good yarn which will jangle the nerve ends, fill your nose with the smell of salt and diesel oil, your ears with the deafening sound of machinery aboard a monster pipe-dredging ship and, above all, make you remember never to underestimate the power of the sea. 'Roger Paine, former Commander, Royal Navy'. Force 12 in German Bight

Author: James Boschert

Title: Force 12 in German Bight


First Published by: Fireship Press


Format: PB

Date: 29 May 2014

ISBN-10: 1611793238

ISBN-13: 9781611793239




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