Author :: Tad Fitch & Michael Poirier
First Published by :: The History Press
Format :: PB
Date :: 1 February 2015
ISBN-10 :: 0752497111
ISBN-13 :: 9780752497112

A poignant look at the most vivid, dramatic transatlantic crossings of World War I.

As World War I loomed, the transatlantic passenger trade was at its peak, and as the enormity of the conflict grew, liners were conscripted into service. In an attempted blockade to cut off supplies, Germany began sinking Allied merchant vessels until by war's end just 351 U-boats sank more than 5,000 merchant ships, killing 15,000 sailors. This book recounts what it was like for both the military and civilians to experience a transatlantic voyage in a time of war and uncertainty, at risk from any number of dangers, including U-boats, mines, and enemy surface vessels. Attacks were frequent and tragedy all too common. This little-known chapter of the 20th century is explored here with engrossing narrative and a large quantity of rare and unpublished first-hand accounts, illustrations, and photographs.

Into the Danger Zone: Sea Crossings of the First World War

Author: Tad Fitch & Michael Poirier

Title: Into the Danger Zone: Sea Crossings of the First World War


First Published by: The History Press


Format: PB

Date: 1 February 2015

ISBN-10: 0752497111

ISBN-13: 9780752497112



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