Set in post WWII England, this is the story of the square-rigger Bonnie Clyde, a grand vessel that awaits scuttling.
Before this great lady meets her fate, a group of rogue sailors, unable to persuade the Admiralty to help save the vessel, pirates the ship away while under tow to be scuttled. Through their creative use of materials and methods, they sail her through the English Channel and the Irish Sea, hoping to deliver the ship to her original home where she was built in Dumbarton, Scotland on the river Clyde.

A former Royal Navy officer, Lt. Flynn tells the story. He is lured into conspiring with a Scottish sea captain (Bowman), his British first mate (Harris) who is the inside connection to parts from the scrap yards, an Irish navigator (Edward), and a Russian master rigger (Boris). Together, the crew outsmarts the British Admiralty and Scotland Yard in their attempts to stop the ship. During their journey, the crew fights the weather and avoids modern day detection. A sympathetic public opinion, aided by an AP reporter and a host of unlikely co-conspirators become their allies.

A Ship's Tale

Author: N. Jay Young

Title: A Ship's Tale

Series: n/a

First Published by: Boson Books

Place: UK

Format: PB

Date: 1 September 2004

ISBN-10: 1932482032

ISBN-13: 9781932482034




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