Thunderous sea yarn based upon one of the most violent mutinies in America's maritime history. Fifteen-year-old Quaker named George Comstock boarded the whaling vessel Globe on December 15, 1822 where his older brother Sam was boat steerer. These New England youngsters came to know the excitement, the danger and suspense involved in capturing a whale. But they also discovered the brutal, sadistic nature of Captain Worth, who reveled in flogging his crew. From the day they sighted shipwrecked Joe Thomas, who was later marooned on a deserted Pacific island, mutiny threatened the ship. On to Valparaiso, Chile, and the Sandwich Islands they sailed with tension mounting until Quaker Sam Comstock, a selfish handsome rogue, struck leaving a trail of blood.

Captain Marooner

Author: Louis B. Davidson & Eddie Doherty

Title: Captain Marooner

Series: n/a

First Published by: Thomas Crowell


Format: HC

Date: 1952




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