In the South China Seas Casper Clinton, a man of unknown origin and mixed race, has been brought up by Theophilus Clinton on the remote Balabac Island near north Borneo to work hard and respect men of all colours and races. At the end of the Second World War, during which he acted as a guide and interpreter to the Australians and the Americans, he is given the opportunity to train as a cadet-officer in the British Mercantile Marine.

When his first ship, the Trecarrel, runs into a mysterious barquentine Casper is sent on board to help as part of the crew who are going to sail the apparently abandoned vessel into Hong Kong. However, on board lurks danger in the shape of a group of deserters from the French Foreign Legion. After the Trecarrel draws away the officer is killed and Clinton, as the only person capable of navigating, pilots his way towards the coast of south China.

Casper Clinton: China Coaster

Author: Peter Wickloe

Title: Casper Clinton: China Coaster


First Published by: Blackie


Format: HC

Date: 1951



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