A whaling story set in the South Pacific.

"Ralph did mark his words. They were all that was needed to bring him to the point of decision. From the moment of his first meeting with the weather-beaten whaler, his blood had been coursing more swiftly through his veins, and his pulses had been throbbing with the inspiration of new thoughts
and hopes.

In Captain Sampson's coming there was surely something providential, and the words he had just uttered opened wide the way for Ralph to proffer the request that was uppermost in his heart. He made no preface. He went right to the point.
"I've always wanted to go to sea. Captain Sampson," he said, his lips trembling for very eagerness. "Will you let me go with you on your next voyage?" "

In the Swing of the Sea

Author: J. MacDonald Oxley

Title: In the Swing of the Sea


First Published by: James Nisbet


Format: HC

Date: 1897



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