A tale of wreck and rescue by lifeboat on the coast of the English Channel

"Indeed, we can speak from personal experience on this subject, because, among others, we received a letter, one day, in a cramped and peculiar hand, which we perused with deep interest, for it had been written by a blind youth, whose eyes, nevertheless, had been thoroughly opened to see the great importance of the lifeboat cause, for he had collected 100 pounds for the Institution! On another occasion, at the close of a lecture on the subject, an old woman, who appeared to be among the poorest of the classes who inhabit the old town of Edinburgh, came to us and said, "Hae, there's tippence for the lifeboat!"

Saved by the Lifeboat

Author: Robert M. Ballantyne

Title: Saved by the Lifeboat

Series: n/a

First Published by: J. Nisbet



Date: 1869




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