If you've lost yourself, you need someone else to show you the way home.

When Thomas Quinn is eight-years-old, he asks a promise of an Irish sea captain: "If ever I should become like me father will you dunk me under the water 'til I cannot breathe? Will you, sir, please?" The captain agrees.

Ten years later, Thomas is a womanizer, a thief and a drunk, who remembers a promise, but doesn't know what it was about or who it was with. While flirting with a young woman in the Galway marketplace, he is accosted by her grandfather. The man is gruff with him and knows too much about him. Afraid, Thomas runs and goes on a drunken binge with his friend, Farrell. Late that night, they are knocked out by someone wielding a club.

When Thomas wakes, he finds himself tied to a ship's yardarm by his ankles and dunked over and over into Galway Bay until he cannot breathe. Only then does he learn the young woman's grandfather is the captain of the ship. Kidnapped and taken out to sea, Thomas fights with the sailors, steals ale from the hold, runs from a battle with a female pirate and falls in love with the captain's granddaughter.

But it isn't until he finds out who he really is that Thomas' restless soul finds its way home.

Sea Captain's Promise

Author: Joyce A. Scott

Title: Sea Captain's Promise


First Published by: Joyce A. Scott


Format: Kindle

Date: 24 December 2010





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