The Captain's Wife

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"He intently inspected the recess of sea whence the rocket had darted. Nothing was determinable ; no shadow of sailing-ship, no light of steamer, no burning beacon in an open boat. In my own experience I have discovered that a powerful ship's glass will expose more in darkness than the finest lenses of the binocular or night-glass, and Mostyn, being of this opinion, fetched his telescope, and carefully searched the dusky surface on the lee bow. Absolutely nothing but the phantom tremor which the flat ocean at night casts upon the object-glass was the reward of his minute and critical inspection. He levelled the glass in the direction of the steamer whose lights had passed away. But she was sunk in the darkness, and gone to the human eye, no matter how aided. They all stood together, the captain, his wife, and Benson ; and Mill, the mate, made one of them. Mr. Dipp remained on top of the deck-house, sucking a pipe, and silent in drunken thought."

  • Author: William Clark Russell
  • Title: The Captain's Wife
  • First Published by: L.C. Page and Co
  • First Published Format: HC
  • First Published Date: 1903

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