Faithfully based on a historical log of a challenging ‘round the Horn' adventure in 1872, The Downeaster features riveting and authentic depictions of maritime history, and the development of a unique and enduring love relationship between the thoughtful yet godless captain and the high-spirited feminist Irish nurse. Ultimately, the transformation of the courageous, inexperienced, enthusiastic young apprentice into a highly skilled sailor with valor, dedication, integrity, (and a great new tattoo!) also occupies center stage, along with the torturous daily chores, antics, and tragedies that unfold for the rest of the crew.

The Downeaster provides armchair sailing at its best for both experienced seamen and any reader tantalized by unique adventure, the overcoming of adversity, displays of character, and self-discovery!

"Fuhrman has delivered a Gilded Age adventure on the high seas certain to please fans of Patrick O'Brien and Joseph Conrad. Told through the eyes of a clipper ship captain, a teenage apprentice, and a spinster nurse with a secret, the story travels from the waterfront taverns and brothels of New England to the saloons and tattoo parlors of San Francisco via a harrowing voyage around Cape Horn." — Mary Miley; author of The Impersonator [2013], winner of the national Mystery Writers of America award for the Best First Crime Novel

The Downeaster: Deadly Voyage

Author: Paul Thomas Fuhrman

Title: The Downeaster: Deadly Voyage


First Published by: Fireship Press


Format: PB

Date: 18 January 2016

ISBN-10: 1611793319

ISBN-13: 9781611793314



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