Owner and master of the Charlotte Rhodes, and with a half share in the Pampero, James Onedin is safely established in the shipping world of Victorian Liverpool. Now in partnership with Albert Frazer, he can concentrate on their ambitious plan - a great iron steam-driven ship which will make their fortune.

But James is not only the head of the Onedin Line; he, rather than his ineffectual elder brother Robert, is the head of the Onedin family. Any breath of scandal could ruin them all - Robert's expanding business and political interests, James's and Anne's steady progress up the social ladder, Elizabeth's marriage. And Elizabeth, as always, is the problem. She is Albert Frazer's wife, but she has not forgotten Daniel Fogarty, nor has he forgotten her.

The Iron Ships

Author: Cyril Abraham

Title: The Iron Ships

Series: The Onedin Line (based on a 1970’s TV series)

First Published by:  Allan Wingate

Place: UK

Format: HC

Date: 1974




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