Demon's Land they called it - a bastardisation of Van Diemen's Land - a place where men rotted or starved or were flogged to death...

The maximum security hard-labour camp at Sarah Island in Macquarie Harbour was the end of the line for prisoners - a hell on earth for convicts and gaolers alike - and when in 1833, it was decided to close the settlement, ten desperate and ruthless men seized the ship that was to transport them, and made their final bid for freedom.

This book, based on historical fact, is a reconstruction of one of the most exciting incidents in the bloody history of the penal colonies.

"...Butler has at least equalled Nordhoff and Hall's Mutiny on the Bounty..." Hartford Courant

The Men that God Forgot

Author: Richard Butler

Title: The Men that God Forgot

Series: n/a

First Published by: Hutchinson of Australia



Date: 1950

ISBN-10: 0091245001

ISBN-13: 9780091245009


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