Author :: William Clark Russell
Format :: HC
Date :: 1905

The Mystery of the Ocean StarA Collection of Maritime Sketches:-

  1. The Mystebtry of the "Ocean Star"
  2. The Extraordinary Adventure of a Chief Mate
  3. Thirst an Ocean Incident
  4. Pictures at Sea
  5. Foul of a Waterspout
  6. Hazardous Voyages
  7. Forecastle Traits
  8. The Old Sea Dog
  9. Marine Punishments
  10. Calms and Seas
  11. 'Longshoreman's Yarns
  12. The British Sailor
  13. Lifeboats and their Crews
  14. Weevil's Lecture
  15. Old Ships
  16. Seaside Effects
  17. An Ocean Mystery
  18. The Old Naval Sea-Song
  19. An Old Shipwright
  20. Can these Dry Bones live?
  21. "That there Little Tommy"
  22. A Luminous Sailor
  23. Spanish Armada

Author: William Clark Russell

Title: The Mystery of the Ocean Star

Series: n/a

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Format: HC

Date: 1905



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