The silver oar - the sight of it drained the blood form the cheek of the hardiest buccaneer. For it was behind such an oar that the condemned pirate was marched to his execution place.

And Cormac O'Shaugnessey Doyle was no exception, in spite of his Irish daring and reckless ways. It was the year of our Lord 1689, a year that will be long remembered in New England's history, and Cormac sat in the dank Boston gaol wit the fear of death upon him. The shining oar propped in the corner of his dungeon cell was a constant reminder that each tide drew him closer to the hour of his hanging....

A story of smuggling in Massachusetts Bay Colony

The Silver Oar

Author: Howard Breslin

Title: The Silver Oar

Series: n/a

First Published by: Thomas Y. Crowell

Place: US

Format: HC

Date: 1954




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