The Smuggler's Spy

The Prince’s Own 10th Regiment of Dragoons has just returned from a tour of duty in the Caribbean, with little scheduled for the regiment other than training. The war against France is going badly for England and her allies, so the 10th will not be sent to France with the possibility of being beaten or worse, captured. New leadership is needed in all of England’s armies.

Taking advantage of Lieutenant Cole Buckley’s knowledge and friendship, with many of Deal’s smugglers; the secret division of the Foreign Service calls on young Buckley. With the promise of being able to spend more time with his young wife, Cole agrees to take the assignment. Through treacherous times, beautiful women and deadly spies, Cole’s ability to survive is put to the test.

  • Author: Michael Aye
  • Title: The Smuggler's Spy
  • Series: The Smugglers
  • First Published by: Boson Books
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 26 November 2023

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