This lively yet scholarly book reveals an unsuspected history of women at sea, from women pirates and daring cabin "boys" under sail to today’s rear-admirals and weapons experts on nuclear submarines. Historically, women wanting to sail in their own right faced many challenges. They were rejected as nuisances and outsiders, trespassing into the male maritime tribe. Today they command cruise ships and are becoming commodores. This comprehensive work looks at both the merchant and royal navies, explaining women’s progression from outsider to master"—with male shipmates as obstacles and helping hands. Using interviews and sources never before published, Jo Stanley vividly reveals the incredible journey across time taken by women at sea.

Cabin 'Boys' to Captains: 250 Years of Women at Sea

Author: Jo Stanley

Title: From Cabin 'Boys' to Captains: 250 Years of Women at Sea


First Published by: The History Press Ltd


Format: PB

Date: 4 April 2016

ISBN-10: 0752488783

ISBN-13: 9780752488783



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