For the first time, a compilation covering over 300 years of military and paramilitary shipwrecks and maritime events which took place in Rhode Island waters including Narragansett Bay, Block Island Sound and Rhode Island Sound. Jim Jenney's extensive research of naval vessels including foreign ships and privateers from 1745 to present times has been bound between two covers, describing individual shipwrecks, engagements, foundering, collisions, and related disasters. The book is a valuable collection of more than 130 events written by an experienced marine historian. Each event is a story in itself providing the reader historical information gleaned from hundreds of archival sources. The three sections of the book are arranged in chronological order covering three centuries of maritime events. Each story is illustrated with b&w photos or line drawings showing the design of the vessel as well as segments of maritime charts showing the approximate location of each incident documented. Naval Disasters In Rhode Island: 300 Years of Military Misfortune

Author: James F. Jenney

Title: Naval Disasters In Rhode Island: 300 Years of Military Misfortune


First Published by: CreateSpace


Format: PB

Date: 28 October 2012

ISBN-10: 1480178322

ISBN-13: 9781480178328




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