By use of detective work and meticulous research, Joan Druett has reconstructed an exciting account of a way of life that has long since vanished. Using diaries, journals, and correspondences, Druett recounts the daily grind surgeons on nineteenth-century whaling ships faced: the rudimentary tools they used, the treatments they had at their disposal, the sorts of people they encountered in their travels, and the dangers they faced under the harsh conditions of life at sea.

Rough Medicine is much more than the lively stories of doctors at sea. It is a rich chronicle of both the early history of global trade and the evolution of modern medicine. Beautifully written and masterfully researched, there is no other book quite like this.

Rough Medicine: Surgeons at Sea in the Age of Sail

Author: Joan Druett

Title: Rough Medicine: Surgeons at Sea in the Age of Sail

Series: n/a

First Published by: Routledge



Date: 2000

ISBN-10: 0-415924-51-0

ISBN-13: 978-0415924511




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