This beautifully photographed book enables the reader to step back in time, to a world when tall ships were the means by which continents were discovered, trade routes were opened up and new worlds were colonized. Today, the sixteen square-rigged tall ships that make their home in Australian and New Zealand waters have vastly different backgrounds and are used for a wide variety of purposes. From replica ships like the Bounty and the Endeavor to modern purpose-built sail training vessels like the Spirit of New Zealand, each ship inspires generations of sailors with her unmatched combination of grace and power. Some, like the James Craig (completed in 1874) and the Alma Doepel (built in 1903) stand as testimony to the craftsmanship and durability of old shipbuilding methods. They are living history, offering an insight into a way of life that would otherwise be lost forever. It is intended that, through a combination of lavish photography and insightful text, this book will bring to each tall ship the recognition it deserves.

Tall Ships: The Sixteen Square Riggers of Australia and New Zealand

Author: John L. Coombes

Title: Tall Ships: The Sixteen Square Riggers of Australia and New Zealand


First Published by: Exisle Publishing Pty Ltd

Place: Australia

Format: HC

Date: 15 March 2010

ISBN-10: 0908988842

ISBN-13: 9780908988846




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