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King’s Cutters and Smugglers, 1700-1855

It is difficult to pick up a modern nautical adventure series without at some point coming across a plot line that deals with "The Smugglers." Whether the hero of the story is "for ‘em" or "again ‘em," the plot lines will be there.

But who were these smugglers? How did they become so successful? How did the King's Revenue Service try to stop them; and why was it all so important?

E. Keble Chatterton has written the definitive book on this period. Working from old manuscripts, logs and journals, he has reconstructed the details of how it worked-and why it worked the way it did.

Sometimes the King's cutters chased the smugglers-and sometimes the smugglers (literally) chased the King's cutters. Either way, it was a wild time in Britain's nautical history.

The Fine Art of Smuggling

Author: E. Keble Chatterton

Title: King's Cutters and Smugglers, 1700-1855 (aka The Fine Art of Smuggling)

Series: n/a

First Published by: J.B. Lippincott company



Date: 1912






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