Author :: Stephen Baines
First Published by :: Blackthorn Press
Format :: PB
Date :: 12 January 2010
ISBN-10 :: 1906259208
ISBN-13 :: 9781906259204
The ship General Carleton was built in Whitby in 1777 and sank off the coast of Poland in 1785. When she was excavated in the 1990s a wide range of artefacts were recovered many of which, due to being coated in tar from the ship's cargo, were in a remarkable state of preservation - most notably a unique collection of sailors' clothing. It is because of the picture these objects give us about life, both aboard and ashore, for 18th-century mariners from Whitby and other coastal towns in the North-East, that General Carleton has been called the 'Yorkshire Mary Rose'. This book is the story of General Carleton, of those who built her, owned her and sailed on her in an age of war, shipwreck, privateers and press-gangs; it is the tale of an ordinary merchant ship in extraordiary times. The Yorkshire "Mary Rose

Author: Stephen Baines

Title: The Yorkshire Mary Rose: The Ship General Carleton of Whitby


First Published by: Blackthorn Press


Format: PB

Date: 12 January 2010

ISBN-10: 1906259208

ISBN-13: 9781906259204



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