Sailing into London's busy harbor in the autumn of 1678, Jon Norsturm was unaware of the city's uproar over the Papist Plot, the alleged scheme of the Pope to have the King murdered and turn Protestant England Catholic.

He could not foresee events arising from the turmoil that would tear him from his home and all he loved, brand him a fugitive, and force him into service as a seaman aboard a ship owned by the rich and ruthless Edmund Stanton. He could not foresee leading a mutiny, taking refuge on the pirate island of Tortuga, and becoming one of the boldest pirate captains of the Caribbean. And he could not foresee sailing at the bidding of Henry Morgan, among the worst pirates of all, in desperate hope of clearing his name and starting his life anew.

But of all that was to happen, he could never have foreseen falling in love with the beautiful and fiery Kath Ellis, who was Stanton's greatest desire and whose world, like Jon's, would be changed forever.

A Pirate's Tale: The Sea Fox

Author: Gary Robert Muschla

Title: A Pirate's Tale: The Sea Fox


First Published by: Booktango


Format: Kindle

Date: 12 February 2014




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