...straight on till morning.
Captain James Hook set his sights on Peter Pan, chasing the boy to the ends of the Earth and beyond.
But Neverland is the hell no one thought it would be.
Suns rise and set at all hours. Bursts of snowfall punctuate blistering tropical heat without warning.
Yet among the knights, fairies, indians, mermaids, beasts, and savage children who fight and die here, a more dangerous predator stalks men in this world without order, one that cannot be fought with sword or hook.
A predator called the Forgetting.
How much of himself is Hook willing to lose to gain his revenge?

Captain James Hook and the Siege of Neverland

Author: Jeremiah Kleckner & Jeremy Marshall

Title: Captain James Hook and the Siege of Neverland


First Published by: Jeremiah Kleckner & Jeremy Marshall


Format: Kindle

Date: 19 September 2014





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