The War of Spanish Succession is over, many sailors are out of work, and the thriving American colonies are quickly becoming the place of opportunity. For Sam Bellamy, it was the opportunity of becoming the captain of his own ship.

When he falls in love with a rebellious New England debutante, he finds out very quickly that he needs more than a dream to win over her socialite parents. After a failed treasure salvaging expedition, Sam makes one last desperate attempt to change his economic standing, and unwittingly becomes the Captain of the Pirate ship Mary Anne.

As a self proclaimed "Free Prince" Sam wages war on greedy merchantmen, slave traders, and Mother Nature, in a bid not only for the love of his life, but for life itself.

Black Sam: Prince of Pirates

Author: James Lewis

Title: Black Sam: Prince of Pirates


First Published by: Book Moxy Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 19 February 2013





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