Jesamiah Acorne, Captain of the Sea Witch, has accepted a government granted amnesty against his misdeeds of piracy, but old enemies do not forget the past. In particular Edward Teach - better known as Blackbeard - has a bone to pick with Acorne. Following an indiscretion with an old flame, Jesamiah finds his fiancée, the midwife and white witch, Tiola Oldstagh, has gone to North Carolina to help with an imminent and difficult birth; the problem, that is where Blackbeard now resides.

He must not discover that Tiola is Jesamiah s woman, she will have to hide her identity and her gift of Craft from the black-hearted pirate who has sold his soul to the devil. With Sea Witch damaged and himself wounded by Blackbeard, Jesamiah has to take stock of his situation at his old home in Virginia - but trouble follows him like a ship s wake and he is arrested for acts of piracy on the High Seas. Too much trouble has come too close! How is Jesamiah Acorne to clear his name and overturn a sentence of hanging, keep Tiola safe, put an end to Blackbeard and deal with being haunted by the ghost of his father? Bring It Close moves from the Bahamas to North Carolina and Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia at a swashbuckling pace. There is intrigue, misunderstandings, romance, and adventure all wrapped up in a delightful blend of mystical fantasy.

Bring it Close

Author: Helen Hollick

Title: Bring it Close

Series: Captain Jesamiah Acorne

First Published by: Discovered Authors

Place: UK

Format: PB

Date: 2 June 2009

ISBN-10: 1905108737

ISBN-13: 9781905108732




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