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The Chronicles of Captain Blood


A collection of short stories set entirely within the timeframe of the original novel, Captain Blood.

Sailing into Tortuga on his fine red ship, Captain Blood returns, elegant as a grandee of Spain in black and silver, with a claret plume to his hat. Once a doctor, once a political prisoner, and now the most famous pirate of the New World -- and of fiction -- he commands the Arabella, captured from Spain in fair fight and manned by a crew of desperate buccaneers.

Here is the account of his impersonation of the cousin of the Spanish Governor by which he freed his own lieutenants, held in captivity. Here you may learn how he saved an English colony from Spanish attack -- and the price he exacted. You may see him rescuing a fair frail lady from the Spanish wolves, only to discover her alliance with them. Romance lives again with Captain Blood's return ...

Captain Blood Returns

Author: Rafael Sabatini

Title: Captain Blood Returns


First еblished by: Houghton Mifflin Company


Format: HC

Date: 1931



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