Captain Brand of the "Centipede"

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" Where are you from, and where bound ?" came again through the trumpet,

"Bordeaux, and bound to Kingston. We have a free passport from Sir Robert Calder and Admiral Villeneuve."

There was a wave of the trumpet as the speaker finished hailing, and then touching his hat to the officer with the gold swabs, and pausing only a moment, he moved to the other side of the corvette's poop.

" It would be no more nor polite in him to tell us what his name is, arter all the questions he's axed."

"Don't ye know, Mr. Binks," broke in the captain, "that the dig nity of a man-of-war is sich that it wouldn't be discreet to tell no more than that she has a cargo of cannon balls, and going on'a cruise' any wheres ? which ye may believe is as much valuable information as we might get out of our own calabashes without asking a question."

  • Author: Harry Gringo
  • Title: Captain Brand of the "Centipede": A Pirate of Eminence in the West Indies
  • First Published by: New York Harper
  • First Published Place: New York
  • First Published Format: HC
  • First Published Date: 1864

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